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Direct Primary Care for Employers and Small Businesses

Cultivate a healthy workplace

Keep your team healthy and happy!  By partnering with Dr. Sharma and Flow Integrative Medicine, you can provide your employees access to exceptional health care with incredible savings.  Your team will enjoy a direct relationship with a physician they trust, increased access to care via virtual and in-person visits (at the workplace if desired), longer appointment times, and cost-savings with no-copays, wholesale medications, and discounted labs

Additionally, your team can participate in all of the engaging classes and workshops offered at Flow!

Employer benefits

  • Direct physician-patient relationship; no insurance middlemen

  • Transparent pricing - lower cost with high quality care

  • Reduced emergency room and urgent care visits

  • Customized employer options - employer sponsored or employer-employee cost share available

  • Occupational health opportunities - covid 19 testing, return-to-wok clearance

  • Workplace wellness workshops (yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, cooking)

  • Improved workforce satisfaction, productivity, and retention

Employee benefits

  • Improved patient health outcomes

  • Personalized and comprehensive disease prevention and treatment plans

  • Same/next day appointments for sick visits (in-person or virtual)

  • Continuity of care with your personal physician

  • Coordination of care with specialists

Employer programs:

Comprehensive care membership - $100 per employee/month

  • FREE executive annual physicals (90 min)

  • FREE primary care office visits

  • FREE Same day urgent care/sick visits

  • FREE women's health exams *not including pathology

  • Direct text messaging with physician

  • Virtual visits

  • Discounted labs

  • Wholesale medications

A la carte membership - $20 per employee/month + visit fees as below

  • Discounted labs

  • Wholesale medications

  • Direct text messaging with physician

  • $150 executive annual physicals ( 90 mins)

  • $125 primary care office visits (including women's health exam)

  • $125 Urgent care/sick visits within 2 business days (virtual options available)

Spring Mountain

Have questions? See if direct primary care is the right fit for your company.  Schedule a free Meet & Greet today!

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