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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model of healthcare that directly connects the patient and the physician, without administrative bureaucracy. We don't accept insurance, so are free from the rushed and limited visits that are imposed by insurance companies. Instead, for a monthly fee, we can offer you access to same/next-day visits or telemedicine appointments without co-pays. With direct access to Dr. Sharma, patients can contact her via phone, secure text, email, or video as needed. The DPC model also offers access to discounts on medications, labs, pathology, and imaging - whether or not you have insurance. We are able to truly deliver personalized and affordable care for you.

How can I save money with DPC?

There are no co-pays for any office visits, texts, or messages.  We are able to get our patients in very quickly to avoid trips to urgent care.  Our patients benefit from wholesale pricing on medications and labs, and our negotiated pricing on imaging.  Most patients switch to a high-deductible, low-premium insurance plan since they get such high quality care!

Is DPC the same as concierge medicine?

No, DPC is not concierge.  Concierge practices often charge an annual fee AND bill insurance.  DPC practices do NOT bill insurance - your monthly fee covers all of your care!

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not bill or accept health insurance for our primary care membership.  Our only obligation is to you - the patient! By removing this middleman, we can keep costs low and spend extra time with patients.   You will likely find that you will actually save money as a patient at Flow Integrative.
We do recommend that you do have insurance for emergencies, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc.  Insurance can still be used to cover tests, medications, procedures, and consultations.

For stand alone integrative medicine consults, we can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company as an out-of-network provider.  Depending on your plan, some of the services may be covered.  We recommend you check with your insurance company ahead of time.

Is DPC considered insurance?

No, DPC is not insurance.  We charge a monthly fee for primary care services that take place both in and out of the office (messages, virtual visits, etc.).  We do recommend you have insurance for emergencies, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc.  Most patients do well with a high-deductible, low premium plan

Can I become a patient if I have Medicare or Medicaid?

If you have MEDICARE - yes! You would still pay the monthly fee as we cannot bill Medicare for services, but you can use Medicare for labs/meds, imaging, hospitalizations, etc.  You will need to sign a one-time waiver affirming this.

If you have MEDICAID - no, at this time we cannot see Medicaid patients.  We are working on changing that, so please check back soon

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for membership?

Yes, the US House Ways and Means Committee passed HR5688. This bill confirms that we can continue to accept HSA payments for membership fees

What is Integrative Primary Care?

Integrative primary care is the delivery of PERSONALIZED primary care services with the focus on each patient as an individual.  We seek to support the body's natural potential to self-heal by designing a lifestyle to do so.    The patient's physical, emotional, and spiritual health are equally addressed.  There is an active role for prevention of disease using principles from Eastern medicine, AND treatment of medical problems using a variety of healing modalities that includes pharmacotherapy, lifestyle changes, herbs, supplements, and others as needed.  Most importantly, a therapeutic and trusting relationship is cultivated between the physician and patient.

What age range of patients are accepted?

Dr. Sharma is board-certified in family medicine, and we currently see patients age 13 and older! Vaccines are not available in the office, but we will work with you to arrange vaccinations as necessary

Why is there an initial consult fee?

The initial consult fee of $350 is due at time of enrollment for patients enrolling as members in the primary care program.  This fee includes the time Dr. Sharma will spend before your first appointment reviewing your medical history and intake forms in detail, as well as the extended appointment time of the initial visit.  It also includes a follow up visit to review any labs/tests ordered at the initial consult.  This fee covers the first month of membership, should you enroll.

When does monthly billing start?

Monthly billing starts on the date you enroll - you are officially a patient!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

No problem - you can cancel at any time

What if I don't have any active medical problems?

Great! Dr. Sharma would love to work with you on an detailed health optimization plan to keep it that way!  You will also have easy access for sick visits, as needed.  In addition, you can participate in any of our workshops and classes

Can I see Dr. Sharma if I'm not a member?

Yes, Dr. Sharma is available as needed for integrative medicine consults.  She will not act as your primary care physician and requires a primary care physician on file to consult with as needed, with your permission.

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