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Integrative Primary Care
for ages 16+

Initial consult:  $350
90 min initial consult 
Monthly membership: $150/mo 

(20% discount per additional family member)

All interested patients can schedule for an initial integrative medicine consult.  This visit is approximately 90 mins long, and will be a comprehensive evaluation of your health.  Recommended labwork will be ordered and reviewed at a follow up appointment (included in initial consult fee).  You will also receive a personalized integrative care plan.  After this appointment, should you and Dr. Sharma choose to mutually work together, you can join as a member of Flow Integrative Medicine, and have full access to Dr. Sharma as your primary care physician.  This includes all of the following benefits:

- extended office visits, same/next day availability

- functional & integrative medicine options for treatment, with access to functional medicine testing (cost of testing and medication/supplements not included) 

- women's health (pap smears*, contraceptive management, treatment of menstrual irregularities, menopause)

- treatment of chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, thyroid disorders, asthma/COPD, depression, anxiety, and many more)

digital data collection (CGM, blood pressure, etc) is often utilized

- sick visits (for illness or injury)

- virtual care (video and telephone visits, convenient access via text)

- care coordination among specialists and the hospital

in-office tests (urinalysis, blood glucose, rapid strep, urine pregnancy)

procedures (large joint injections, skin procedures*, trigger point)

wholesale pricing on medications and labs

workshops and classes for the whole family, on a variety of topics including movement, nutrition, cooking, mindset, health philosophies, and more

*does not include cost of pathology

Integrative Medicine Consult
$350 - 90 min visit

This is a detailed integrative/functional medicine evaluation into a specific problem or health issue you are facing.   It includes a full physical exam, lab recommendations, and personalized integrative medicine care plan.  Advanced testing to assess cardiometabolic status, gut health, and hormone function may also be recommended.  If you have speciality testing that has been completed already, we will review that at the initial appointment as well.

These consults can be scheduled as you desire, and in this capacity, Dr. Sharma will not be your primary care physician.

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Small Businesses/ Employers
contact for custom pricing

If you would like to offer primary care for your employees or host a workplace wellness program, please contact for custom pricing options.

We do not contract with insurance, so we are able to offer services that we feel are integral to primary care, regardless of insurance status.  Keeping our member community small allows Dr. Sharma to spend extended time with each of her patients, and be available by text or phone.  Annual cost of membership is often less than the annual insurance deductible, and the services we provide are invaluable.


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Suite 11

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