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flow of life in health

Redefining primary care through the flows of life

I support you to find the root cause of your health concerns, and achieve lifelong vitality by delivering proactive, personalized, & holistic care that empowers you to thrive at every stage of life.  

By empowering women, we can transform families.  My mission is to create a community where women are equipped with knowledge, resources, and support to make confident decisions about their health.  Through a holistic and integrative approach, utilizing principles from functional medicine, allopathy, and Ayurveda, I aim to optimize physical, cognitive, and emotional health, supporting you to achieve a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Our unique membership-based holistic primary care model allows us to cultivate a lasting physician-patient relationship and co-create a personalized care plan that centers nutrition and lifestyle as medicine.

You will have direct access to me, your primary care physician via text, video, or in-person appointments.  Currently, we are accepting new patients!

We offer...

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Women's wellness focus

From menstrual irregularities, to fertility, post-partum, and menopause (including HRT), Dr. Sharma has a special interest in an integrative approach to women's health.

Direct access to your physician

Accesss your physician via text, telephone, video, and office visits - with same and next day appointments.  Choose what works best for your schedule. 

Personalized Primary Care for ages 13+

Comprehensive primary care for patients aged 13 and older


Enjoy a patient-physician relationship that allows for the exploration of root-cause issues affecting health and well-being.

An integrative and holistic approach to health

Work with your board-certified and fellowship trained physician to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle habits for good health over your lifespan.


Explore evidence-based methods from a variety of healing modalities


Bonus Workshops

Regular workshops on a variety of integrative health and wellness topics, cooking classes, yoga, and more - included in your membership!

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My inspiration is my family, and yours!  I am a mom and a family physician.  My philosophy about good health is that it should be simple and sustainable - it is mostly the effect of your everyday habits, and will look different at each stage of life.  I believe your body has the innate capacity for self-healing, once you are able to live in alignment with yourself.  My approach is guided by nature, supported by science, and rooted in community.  


I am passionate about making healthy choices fun, and getting the whole family involved!  I use my background in Yoga and Ayurveda to encourage lifestyle choices that cultivate a strong body, healthy gut, calm mind, and resilient spirit.  As your physician, I want to support you and your family to be healthy, happy, and well through the flows of life!  

Smiling photo of Dr. Madhuri Sharma, MD an integrative physician and family medicine physician

Welcome to our Flow Family!

Our location:

1309 Veale Road

Suite 11

Wilmington, DE 19810

By appointment only

Contact Us:

p: (302) 306-3675

f:  (302) 291-1768

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Patient Testimonials

"My regular PCP sent me directly to a dermatologist for my chronic acne, and after several visits, there was no improvement.  I then saw Dr. Sharma who spent the time and realized it was fungal issue.  After her recommendations, my rash and dandruff cleared up dramatically! She also offered lifestyle modifications and clean products to help maintain my clear skin."  

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